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Alt Names: alt シトラスalt 柑橘系青春
Author: Ayuko
Artist: Ayuko
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Young girls experiencing frustrations and growth, a story of youth.

Raised in the small town of Kinoto, Shiho is a 3rd year in Middle School. She loves playing piano and dreams of opening a piano school in town in the future. An attractive student from Tokyo, Nanami, transfers into Shiho's class. Through meeting Nanami, Shiho's world starts to change.
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I'll leave a comment regarding the last chapter, in Spanish.


I thought it was this Citrus manga.



Seems like the license for this manga has expired since its not mentioned on Wikipedia under the "Currently Licensed Manga" section and anywhere on the VizMedia website.

Fucking VIZ media!!!!!!!!

Waah :'(

But, thanks for all your efforts uptill now^^

Sorry guys, we can't work on it anymore because Viz Media won't allow it. A shame.

no volume 2?

Thanks for the chapter!

Thanks 4 the update!

very cool, thanks a lot AQUA Scans!!

"too nice and too naive"


Few people become a cynic by choice. But I'll choose a nice jolly person over a person that hates everyone and dumps his/her own problems on others any day. Imagine walking into a clinic and the doctor shouts at you like a brat because his kid misbehaves at home.

I think you're all being a little too harsh. Divorce and relocating are pivotal moments in a teenager's life. Friends and family, her father, would have been her whole world. Her only hopes and dreams, fleeting as they may be, were all but crushed by her mother who won't even hear her out. Of course she'll be bitter about it. A month or two isn't enough to get over the shock and trauma. Sometimes even a year or two isn't enough.
I'm not saying that what she's doing is right, because it isn't. Rejecting kindness and goodwill never ends well, especially not in shoujo manga, but I understand where she's coming from. All that bitterness is something to be expected and I'm all for Nanami to grow and mature in her own way.

On the other hand, Shiho is a two dimensional character for me. She's too nice and too naive and too blah. I'd just like a little more depth to her character. No one's ever that nice. Even the sweetest desserts always need a pinch of salt. Maybe what the story needs is a good jerkface.
Haha. If this gains any hint of yuri I'll be ecstatic. There is no meaningful separation between friendship and love. I will always find it very interesting to see a story centered on the relationship between two female characters.

Anyway, I find Nanami neither pleasant nor unpleasant. If anything, it's her desire to be a model which I find kinda shallow. But her attitude towards her classmates is, well, something she's dealing with on her own. She must be aware that her rudeness won't do her any favours, but if she's prepared to eat the consequences then she can do what she wants.

Similarly, Shiho can do whatever she wants. If her idealism is based on the idea that everybody is good inside/people can get along, then why not have her try it and see if she can get through to Nanami-chan. If she succeeds, then great, all sides have improved their attitudes and are happy. If she doesn't, then she's learned a valuable lesson about reality.

I see no reason to hate either of the girls, this is merely some artificial reality constructed by the author anyway. Whether Shiho's idealistic kindliness is right or wrong, whether Nanami's rudeness means she deserves to be ostracized, all these things are mere details under the control of the author. What I'm more interested in is what the point of this story is, i.e. where the author ultimately wants to take the characters.
This shoujo manga has a darker atmosphere than the typical shoujo manga. A bit like Josei for me.
(Though I do find Shiho's flippancy a bit irritating too. She gives me the vibes of a people pleaser.)

Hopefully later chapters will change my perspective. This manga could do incredibly well or extremely poorly, depending on the choices the author makes.
Nanami is just so unpleasant. Her first impression with that piano incident with Shiho left such a bad taste in my mouth, and now it's just getting worse. I get it, she's in a transitional phase and hates the fact that she had to come to the countryside. Yeah, divorce is a tough thing to experience, especially during the adolescent years. How does that justify rudeness, though? (Hint: it doesn't.) Instead of dwelling on her bitterness of having to give up her dreams, she should try to change her perspective. The students offered her kindness, and she offered them acrimony. She's just made things worse for herself. She says she has to endure the year because boohoo, things are so bad right now. It's to the point where it's not the "transfer student" anxieties anymore, it's just her goddamn attitude problem.

/end rant
Personally I don't even understand why Shiho was wondering if she should have intervened. So those girls told Nanami to sod off, so what. I was socially ostracized as a kid, normally I'm very much pro-the-isolated-person, but Nanami was asking for what she got. She treats everyone like trash. Sure, she's got a not so great situation at home, wah wah--not their problem, doubtless they have their own troubles. But unlike the people who bullied me when I was young, these kids at least give some tries at being nice. If she repeatedly blows them off, what is so wrong with them returning the favour?
Shiho is really getting on my nerves, i usually find that type of people, who cares and loves everyone, not sincere at all. I kind of like Nanami at least she is realistic and has a personality, even if she speaks cruelly they are the facts.
But probably Shiho will be best friend of Nanami and save her from hopelessness and so on.
And also it gives shoujo-ai vibes from time to time but it is just Shiho's very very friendly and good girl actions. And she will end up with Souma for sure.
I kind of like the atmosphere manga has so will follow for a while...
Thanks for the update!
No use debating whether it's shoujo or josei, it's just a matter of checking the magazine it runs in. It's from Bessatsu Margaret so it's shoujo.
@vipa567 Just because a manga's about children doesn't mean it's for younger kids. I could give you so many examples of manga about kids that deal with mature topics. But I agree that this one seems like a shoujo.
Wow, what a great chapter, I'd forgotten how good this manga was, thanks a lot AQUA Scans!!!
Decent chapter. O that hollow like feeling @ the end~
@TetsuDan what part of this is josei, its about little kids...

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