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BLOODY MAIDEN ~Toomarimiki no Shima~

Alt Names: alt Bloody Maiden - Juusanki no Shimaalt Bloody Maiden - Toomarimiki no Shimaalt BLOODY MAIDEN 十三鬼の島alt Bloody Maiden 十三鬼之岛alt BLOODY MAIDEN ~十三鬼の島~alt Bloody Maiden: Juusanki no Shimaalt Bloody Maiden: Toomarimiki no Shima
Author: Taida Kikuhiko
Artist: Hanao Sutarou
Genres: Award Winning Award WinningDrama DramaEcchi EcchiHistorical HistoricalHorror HorrorMartial Arts Martial ArtsMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalSchool Life School LifeShoujo Ai Shoujo AiShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy TragedyYuri Yuri
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Onitsuka Miaki, a freshman from Fujimigahara Girls' Academy Naginata club, is going to a training camp on a remote island that is owned by her captain, Igasaki Kotone, along with 11 members. Legends say that the remote island is a place where the worst bandits live who have hidden a national treasure beneath the island. Everything is still normal until one of their members gets killed. Their life-threatening experience begins then.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Seems like an interesting story... but I couldn't bring myself to read past chapter 4... just made me feel sick to the stomach, seems I can't handle gory stuff very well.

one "funny" thing about the manga is that, all Chapters name after songs

chapter 1. After a Song of Alice Cooper

chapter 2 Iron maden´s Number of the Beast

and the capters 3-4 are from Slayers

Good one but the end was obviously rushed.

Here's how I understand the ending. Spoilered for anyone who hasn't read it yet.




Hope that helps!

Waste of girls indeed, lolz.
Needed more "action" if ya get wut i meanz

In the end i don't really understand the ending

read it finally to the ending and thinking what the heck was going on ,,,,,,, i don't get it.....
I didn't get it.
Someone tell me what happened.
Couldn't edit previous comment for better clarification...

The "mature" rating is well deserved based on the level/detail of gore and violence, as well as the frequent depiction of girls in various states of undress.
In my previous comment below, my reference to the "mature" rating was based on the inclusion of ecchi and smut in the genre list. There is nothing "...profane or offensive, particularly with regards to sexual content" in this manga. The only sexual related content in this series are

After reviewing various formal definitions of "ecchi", I re-added it to the genre list since it has such a broad scope. Due to the lack of detail in the "nude" panels however, readers will find that the "fanservice" is primarily
"Ecchi" and "smut" should not have been in the genres list. The "mature" panels were little more than pg-13 rough sketches. I added "historical", as well as "Shoujo Ai" for the (very) brief girl/girl scene, even though all it showed was kissing.
*sighs, and puts away lotion bottle*, what a huge waste of time and bodacious girls. time to turn off safe search on google images...
ooo that guy shld have listen to "Undertaker Judgment Day Theme" its more bad ass and it feels like a mad man killing ppl.
wait in the first chapter the guy was listening to "sabbath bloody sabbath" by "black sabbath" when i went and listen to it, it did not give me the bad ass feeling that i should have if i wana kill some1 who is helpless or unsuspecting.
Every chapter I read I always thought to myself "What a waste of girls" sigh...
and what's with the sucks ending...
ending was horrible and i didn't really get the story line so FML i totally had it figured out till i read the last 2 ch QQ.
oh well, it ended, kinda saw it coming. It was a good idea, but the execution was so "meh" it was bound to end quick and rushed.
well, that's some rather weird-ass ending, but I guess everyone kinda knew the end was coming.
btw, looks like we made a mistake previously on the artist name, it's Hanao Sutarou and not hana osutarou. It's fixed now~
now...enjoy the 2 volume (I think), relatively decent read~ with a twist at the end, :)
argh errors /me facedesks
I don't think lazy Noah's gonna make a v2 so,

At least those are the major errors that I found.
Don't die Miori-chan!
not scary, but that doesn't mean that isn't good!!
This is one of Vi-scans best mangas. So glad that they picked it up. Excellent choice and translations
Pretty good manga. Suspenseful and the story moves at a good pace for its genre. The ecchi parts don't really add much to its value, but it's good nevertheless.

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