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Alt Names: alt Ddeo-dol-i Yong-byeong Aresalt 떠돌이 용병 ARESalt 떠돌이 용병 아레스alt Kiếm sĩ lang thangalt Vagrant Soldier Ares
Author: Ryu Keum Cheol
Artist: Ryu Keum Cheol
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureDrama DramaShounen ShounenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: The story takes place in an era similar to that of ancient Rome in a country called Cronos. It follows a group known as the Temple Mercenaries. In particular, the manhwa is about Ares, Michael and Baroona, three young warriors with mysterious pasts and surpassing skills...
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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honestly I consider this the berserk of Korean manwha and I can't think of higher praise. Great story, great fights and great tragedy. A legitimately great series that is often overlooked because of the art-style early on. (the art gets better just like Angel Densetsu)

read this and Angel Densetsu and I guarantee that you will enjoy both.


*I almost forgot it but early Vinland saga is also similar, another great magna.


I have reread three magna/manwha and it is the three I have mentioned. oh and tower of god but that's ongoing and not similar.

Sad this doesnt get much attention, great read.

I love this manhwa so much. It had set a standard that not a lot of mangas, manhwas, manhuas have reached. Personally, I believe that the plot should have been more developed and that all characters had been given enough time under the spotlight. Also, it would have been awesome to see more bonding moments between the trio (and Gohue and Emergency Food). But nonetheless, I think the publisher must've pushed the author hence, the ending was rushed so it was an unforseen circumstance that is quite unfortunate, honestly.
Good, not that much, but good. 
The author rushed in the end, but ok, we got the main plot (which he seemingly forgot altogether) solved, the red-eyed-dude died ~ a boring death ~, and that's it. 
I may have lost track of, but... where the fuck is the guy who knew Baruna/Baroona/Barona's master? Meh.
Oh, what the fuck Michael/Mikael/Mikaeel wanted? The war took long enough to get to nowhere, and then, BAM, he cares about his friends... ok... but... what he wanted afterall? 
Nice mix of epochs tho, those hoodies blended rather well with the middle age. 

And here I return for a third read. Wonder what Ryu is writing now, if anything.

It's weird how some high tech stuff is mixed up amongst the low tech stuff.

Exactly what I was thinking. Everyone's walking around with hoodies and there are no guns around. On top of that somehow in one of the earlier chapters I distinctively remember an army firing cannons but any other scene, it's all about catapults.


Great manhwa nonetheless. XD

It's weird how some high tech stuff is mixed up amongst the low tech stuff.

Wasn't expecting much but i enjoyed it alot! ^^

What realism? It's as unrealistic as Red Cliff. Just because they don't summon demons and shot Ki blasts doesn't mean it's realistic. Tactical part is almost nonexistant (compare it to the Legend of Galactic Heroes if you want to see what tactic means).


Drawing style isn't so bad, i've seen worse. Story is intresting and characters are likeable.

IMHO it's great manhwa to read but from comments i was expecting something much MUCH better.

My first manhwa and one of my favorites.

A great read, It's rare to find a story with battle strategy that are this realistic, chance that are not taken by the character, complex personalities which make love the guy but hate some of his action, that are totally coherent with his values, an author that is not afraid of killing characters, making new character appear, or depart, interesting side characters.. It feel like you are watching a real story, from the best viewpoint. I definitely a must read for any fan of this kind of setting

(kinda reminded me the beginning of berserk, with the band of the hawk, with more realism)

greatest manhwa ever. Trying to find another one like this.

one of my all-time favorites. Such an exciting and fun manga!
I finally found a good use for the word epic! It should be used to describe this manhwa! Damn, how I enjoyed it! The art is awesome and the story is really good! And it's even better the 2nd time you read it!
loved the drama part of it. it made it look quite realistic and the battles where really good. hope he makes a new one
Read it in one go, was one of the best manga(manhwa I ever read before. The art, character design, realistiv scenery, plot twists, tactics, everything is exceptional. Can recommend it to anyone interested in action/shounen sword works.
really good read, amazing manga indeed.
I read this entire thing a while ago, and just happened to see that it go on the "highest rated" list. This is a great manhwa. It has good style, action, and plot development, as well as fairly realistic battles (well, for a manhwa, anyway). Read it now, and if you don't like it then you obvioulsy have no taste.
Got rev reviews but just ain't that good. Original story and all but the thing is, I don't quite see it being smooth and having the explosive factor for a story and the character gets plot armour and nerved as it comes. Read till the end. Pardon my english, I fell ill and am on medication.
Good read but have to get used to the art every time i pick it up.
I was curious about the art style, since so many made commits on it, but I admit it does grow on yah.

Takes a while to get used to the art. Once you do you fall in love with it >: By far my favorite Manwha.

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