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Alice in Wonderland (Anthology)

Alt Names: alt コミックアンソロジー極 不思議の国のアリス Alice in wonderlandalt Comic Anthology Kiwami - Fushigi no Kuni no Alice
Author: Anthology
Artist: AKAI Higasa & KOMEYAMA Shiwo & KUWAHARA Souta & MARUMIKAN & NOHARA Yuta & SUZUKI Jirou & YOSHINO Satsuki
Genres: Comedy ComedyFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This anthology features Alice in Wonderland-themed illustrations, comics, and oneshots. Some are pretty hilarious, others slightly disturbing, others rather cute.
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that was awesome! too bad there aren't more...

8th story was the best, but 9th story was just mindfucking. Someone must have been high as balls to write that.

The 8th story reminded me of Pandora Hearts... all those talks about contracts and that tsundere Alice. XD

The eighth story has a shoujo-ish undertone to it (not that that's bad) and is a little predictable, but is still a nice read.


My favourite though, is "Wonder Land" (story 4). It doesn't really have much to do with Alice in Wonderland, but it uses it as a motif for good character development. I really liked both Souji and Misako. He was all awkwardly tsun with her at the end, lol. They're cute together.


Another thing I liked about Story 4 is that the guy was in love with his normal, girl-next-door (figuratively and literally) childhood friend, not some beautiful, out-of-his-league school idol/ice queen/excessive tsundere/spineless shrinking violet. Funny because Souji was heavily implied to be the more good-looking and popular one between him and Misako.

The cover art is by Mochizuki Jun, the author of Pandora Hearts, if anyone was interested. Cover art only sadly :'( (this has been out for a while)

Very interesting indeed...

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