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Akuma de Koi Shiyou

Alt Names: alt Akuma de Koishiyoualt あくまで恋しようalt 彻底地恋爱吧alt I'll Fall in Love with Devil
Author: Anashin
Artist: Anashin
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: "Is the guy you like's true face actually an angel's or a devil's?"

Nanami, first year high school student, has a history of failed relationships. When she finally meets the ideal guy, is he really who she thinks he is?
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Una bella storia d'amore che inizia da bambini.
Un manga interessante e sviluppato bene nonostante sia breve! Un ottimo lavoro
This was quite nice. Recognized immediately the same mangaka for haru matsu bokura. I think if there was an extra chapter it would have felt less rushed but not bad.

it could've had a better ending. i was thinking the guy would ask her, "hey, do you still eat chocolate?" or something like that. and from that question the girl would be stormed by all her memories from back then and say stuff like, "omg its you! its you! my ouji from back then, my very first love was you all along." i know its cliche, but hey its shojo manga.

Cute, indeed!

I think "akuma" is a bit of a misnomer...he's just a dude using his iPxd

She was the real creeper in chapter 1.

A-www.. :( that's it? I thought there could be more afterwards...*sigh.. I want to see more of their love/love-dovey moments. :D Hahahaha!! There should be a bit of extension. :)

aw no after story? Nonetheless it was a nice and short read :)

Cute! BTW, well predicted, dsid.
ahhh. Cute.
I really enjoyed this, why is it over alreadyyy ? :(
That was... really anti-climatic. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.
pretty predictable but still good read.
Yay updated.
I think it's pretty much obvious from the get-go that they were the two people that liked one another years ago. It was obvious. Now let's just hope that they get along with it!
wow dsid's theory came true. (good job!)
but it's kind of disappointing. i'd rather him be some sadistic pervert. that would be a better twist.
I see where this is going already.
yeah, okay budskies
why do girls like to fallen in love with a handsome man, even tough actually he has a bad personality..?

Oh, yeah. This is a shoujo manga -_________-
damit... the manga is only 4 chapters long...
I really wanted to see his embarrassed face. TT^TT
Page 35 and after wouldn't load for me, refreshing/reloading didn't fix the problem.

lets see what kind of guy he is....
Arghhh.. I want to read the neexxttt!!!
Or maybe hes trying to find a girl that told him "i love you" long time ago by listening the confessions he recorded. Just a thought :x

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