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Alt Names: alt + Againalt Plus Again
Author: Go Jin-Ho
Artist: Go Jin-Ho
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyMartial Arts Martial ArtsShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Many generations ago, Sonogong, a 300 year old being, was the lone survivor of an attack on the village he vowed to protect. The leader of that attack only wanted Sonogong's great power for himself, but Sonogong would not bow before anyone. He was then sealed for 1500 years to prove to him that the world humans would bring forth wasn't worth protecting. When Sonogong awakens... what will he think about the society humanity has birthed? What if he doesn't like it?
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how to delete comments?

Needs to be removed.


Needs to be removed.

dat prologue


I'm interested but with only a prologue, I still have no idea what the story will be like.

The word EPIC springs to mind.

How many hidden gems like this are there on here?

One of my first read of manhwa. I recommend it, its worth the shot. I wont say more :)

Good read.

Hopefully this will remind some people about it, maybe get it some scanlator love?

Whoa, I never expected to see that thing here, I thought it would be forever forgotten in time. But yes, this work is pretty interesting but to correct KidCongo, it's not a 10 volumes work it's a 9 and a half volume work, the last half of the tenth volume is a few one-shot works from the same author or other authors ..... I don't remember exactly it's been a while since i've re-read them. Lastly to not spoil too much .... let's just say the ending is quite unexpected.

Darn haven't read anything yet but the summary tells be this is amazing...too bad no one is translating it...hope some group decides to scanlate it



So we can't expect anymore updates then? A shame.

That was pretty intense. This is my favorite scene from the chapter:


If anyone's interested, Son Ogong is the Korean reading of Sun Wukong / Son Goku, so what's why the Buddha Ape remark and stuff.


Too bad it's been dropped, the premise was nice enough.

Miau, the art is fine, very rough with a lot of contrast, i don't know why am i saying this

Looks cool enough to me

While it does say that this is ongoing, of the ten volumes only this one short prologue chapter has been scanlated, and that was in late 2005.

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