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1/2 Sweet Wedding

Alt Names: alt 1/2 Ceremonyalt 1/2 Engagealt 1/2 Honeymoonalt 1/2 Weddingalt 1/2ハネムーンalt 1/2ウエディングalt 1/2エンゲージalt 1/2セレモニー
Author: Miyawaki Yukino
Artist: Miyawaki Yukino
Genres: Romance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: One day, Aki Miyamoto's father decides that she must get married before he goes abroad for a work transfer. However Aki doesn't want to get married when she's only 16! A chance meeting with Shou Kusakabe will change everything. Will he be able to get her out of her dad's crazy plans? Will he successfully achieve his dreams? What will Aki do?
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This is cute, in that kind of old fashioned "Flower Comics" kind of way.  All the cliches, all the vanilla, twice the sugar . . . but I don't mean it in a bad way.

Pet peeve here:  I hate when people translate the word "omiai", especially when it's important to the plot.  It's a word that needs to be left alone and given a little explanatory note, because it doesn't translate and "blind date" is utterly inadequate and misleading as a substitute.  Even if people insist on translating it, something like "marriage interview" or, well, something that doesn't sound like her dad is telling her "OK, now I insist you go to a bar, get smashed with a stranger and maybe have a one night stand!" would be better.

I enjoyed the chapter, so I tried writing an intro description for the series. If you think it reveals too much of the chapter, feel free to change it.



Later edit: Thanks for changing it whomever you may be.

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